Meet the Author

My first memory involving books was sitting on my father’s lap in his study while he read aloud Return to Oz. Since then, books have always meant magic and adventure to me, imaginative flights to the lands beyond the stars and, as I grew up, deep into the soul.

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As a child, my favorite stories were always fairy tales. Reading George MacDonald's The Lost Princess transformed my world. I realized that I was the lost princess, a spoiled girl, caught up only in myself, and that I needed to change. I read more of his fairy tales, visited Narnia and Middle Earth, and then immersed myself into the whole fantasy genre that the Inklings started. In high school and college I discovered mythology and heroic literature. I knew then that I wanted to be a writer, to create worlds where other people could visit and return somehow changed.   

After college I became a grown-up (supposedly). I went to Oxford University for graduate school in Early Modern Literature and then worked in England for a couple more years. I worked hard to make ends meet, and I traveled as much as I could. My favorite haunts were crumbling ruins and castles, secret caverns, and hushed forests—all these places make their way into the scribbles in my notebook. But growing up did not mean outgrowing magic. Growing up meant learning as much as I could, deciding what it is that I really believe in, what I hold sacred. And it meant, still means, learning how to write so that I can give a little something back to this beautiful world, even if what I give is very small.  

Here is my advice to fellow aspiring authors, though I consider myself still a fledgling writer as well: If you have favorite authors, do not only read them, but read what they read, and read what those they read have read in the great fellowship of books! 

And of course write. Write every day. Do not be discouraged. If you want to go somewhere, all you have to do is take one step at a time, even if it seems like a very long road you will get there if you do not stop walking.

Fear stops us.

We believe that our dreams are unreal.

But if you take hold of your dream and you shake it and you wrestle with it, telling it “You are alive! You will be real!” Then it will born into our world.

Author head shot and cover photo courtesy of AnnMarie Lidman